Scoopy Scrub provides Basic Grooming Course in two levels.

  • Basic Level
  • Advanced Level

Basic Level

The basic level deals with Breed introduction, Pet handling, Equipment, Hygiene factors, various types of Spas, d-ticking, medicated baths, d-matting, basic clippings, etc.

Advance LevelThe advanced level addresses Breed specific styling (breeds prevalent in India), various kinds of massages, etc.

As this is more of a practical, hand’s on course, we only take in 2-3 individuals in each batch to enable effective practicing & learning.

Taking grooming as a career option is advisable only if you are passionate about pets, ready to do a lot of hard work & have loads of patience.

Grooming courses can also be taken up as a hobby by pet lovers to help keep their own pets well groomed and always in a top of the line overall health condition.

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