Another faithful form of a pet is to be protective of its owner. If trained well this trait can be reformed into a skill and the dog can become a good watch/guard dog. Guards and trained watchdogs are now becoming a necessity in our society. With a lot of love and care, we train these four-legged marvels to become our protectors, as they can hear and sense, what we can’t.

  • * Sniffer Dogs – All categories available. We can even train any pet in any specific trait or smell sense.
  • * Guard Dogs – Trained Guard dogs & attack dogs for protection and guarding.
  • * Assistance Dogs – Trained to help/assist disabled or individuals with special needs.
  • * Therapy Dogs – Friendly dogs for visits to corporate offices, parties and otherwise. Stress Buster visits available.
  • * Others – All kinds of training and behavior correction available.

* Premium guard dog and handler service
* Shift facility available
* On location housing services, if required