In today’s walk of life, the only constructive time we give to our four-legged companions is the 5-10 minutes it extracts from us when we get back home from work each day by constantly wagging his tail around us, only to relieve us of our tensions and exhaustion.

With the absence of canine designated parks in our country, (very prevalent abroad) off-leash walking is not possible for dogs with the majority of the parks barring pet entry. With this kind of binding and infra-structure a true pet lover can not find avenues to encourage pets to interact, play and socialise together.

Keeping the above in mind we thought of providing all with the opportunity of spending constructive time at least once a month on a given Sunday. These outings will not only help you to make your pet felt needed but will also help you to bond better with your pet. These outings will provide you and your pet with some level of exercise and fun games, while giving yourself complete mental relaxation.

Scoopy Weekends is conceptualised to be a haven for dogs and their families, as it will provide an avenue for all to interact, play and socialise together.

Kindly register for the next fun weekend by e-mail on

Please provide the following details while mailing us:

  • Your Pet’s name.
  • Age, Breed, Sex.
  • Your name, mobile number & address.


Please do not participate in these outings if your pet is aggressive. Please do not send your pets with helpers or house help. To participate, your pet should be completely vaccinated. Carry your pet’s vaccination card on all such outings. Please provide us with a photocopy of the same on your first visit. Avoid visit if your pet is not well or is due for a vaccination. Carry your pet’s favourite toy, water bowl & towel on all visits.